Tricia Curry worked as a senior, managing research assistant on two major crowd-sourced genealogical projects: Founders & Survivors: the Life Courses of Tasmanian Convicts and Diggers to Veterans: Risk, Recovery and Resilience in the First AIF. She worked on these for the University of Melbourne for six years, researching the lives of convicts and AIF veterans from birth to death, discovering their families and working lives. She checked volunteers' entries, trained them in research techniques and conducted her own searches. She is a terrific, dogged genealogist, who knows how and where to dig in the archives until she finds her person! I highly recommend her services.
Prof Janet McCalman AC
Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, University of Melbourne
Tricia Curry led the genealogical linkage on the three-year government-funded project "Convicts and Diggers: A Demography of Life Courses, Families and Generations", tracing back the ancestry of World War One soldiers. Tricia is a meticulous genealogical detective, and I highly recommend her services.
Dr. Rebecca Kippen
Associate Professor of Demography, Monash University

I volunteer with the Female Convicts Research Centre based in Tasmania. We research the lives of the convict women transported to Van Diemen’s Land. Tricia Curry also volunteers with our team.  Her work is impeccable.  Tricia knows the record sets, understands how to access and interpret them, is an excellent transcriber, and she is dogged in her approach.  Tricia’s deep knowledge of Australian history enables her to ask the relevant questions and to seek out the relevant documents. What she has found about so many of our convict women impresses me. 

Tricia would be an asset to any research team.  As a private search agent, she would be reliable, responsible, persistent and fair.

Colette Mcalpine​
Volunteer, Female Convict Research Centre, Hobart Tasmania

Brick Wall Research Client Testimonials

With utmost efficiency, Tricia was very creative & lateral on how she researched for further information about my great-grand father’s unconventionally-recorded early years. She also ‘went the extra mile’ finding Trove newspaper articles, which supported records & a DVA record that help to build George's story post his injury in Gallipoli.
Jacqueline Dinan
Author, Event Organiser, Publicity Specialist
George Gay, Gallipoli
Ralph Phillips
Tricia found information of my Australian ancestors in a couple of hours. I had hit a brick wall looking for my Grandad, I am so thrilled with the information, thank you Tricia.
Anne Phillips
Family History Researcher, England
Tricia approached my request to help me discover what happened to my grandfather in a professional and timely manner. Although not successful at this stage, Tricia ruled out some of my leads and added possibilities for future research. I would therefore recommend Tricia with your family research.
Monica Kelly
Family History Researcher, Queensland
1910 Thos Kendall
Thomas Kendall
Oh wow, I am so happy with what you have found Tricia, I was crying with relief and excitement with the good news.
Carolyn Kendall
Family History Researcher, Victoria
Tricia Curry is like a sniffer dog on steroids. She is tenacious. She will chase down your rellies with a passion. She has previous experience in locating details of past Australian servicemen and access to databases here and in the mother country. I recommend her to anyone who is just starting in family history research or who just needs a little assistance with a dead end they may have come up against....
Jim Brown
President, Woady Yaloak Historical Society, Smythesdale Victoria
Tricia is a highly experienced family history researcher. ​
Dr Joan Hunt
2 August 1944 - 6 September 2018
Access Services Officer, Ballarat Archives Centre, PROV
Past president of Ballarat Historical Society
C0-founder and past president of the Woady Yaloak Historical Society
Past president of the Ballarat & District Genealogical Society
Fellow of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Co-founder of the Central Highlands Historical Society
Tricia's Tracings is thorough in all her work & l have every confidence in her.​
Di White
Family History Researcher
Tricia has such an amazing knowledge and dedication to help her clients. I would not hesitate in recommending her to help with your family history.
Helen Coutts
Family History Enthusiast

Family History Research Project Client Testimonials

I had the most wonderful experience working with Tricia to discover what happened to my uncle and more recently she conducted a complete paternal search on my father’s side of the family. It was not an easy project as my Great Grandparents used a different surname for reasons unknown.  We discovered the sad story of the death of my great grandmother and the ultimate splitting up of the siblings to various orphanages.  This project was a gift to my dad for Christmas 2020.
My family were really moved by the care and effort she put into the project.  Tricia's work has been able to give my Dad further insight into the life of his parents and grandparents.  I am really grateful to bring all of this information to life. I would highly recommend Tricia to help with your family history.
Thankyou again.
Deanne Greenwood
Brickwall and Paternal Research Project Client

Bespoke Research Client Testimonials

I have a really complicated family history, with a few lines known of my Great Grandparents. I asked Tricia to follow some of my lines – especially that of my maternal grandfather – as a gift to my mother for her 90th birthday.

He came to Australia as a young man, changed his name and became a mystery. He died in WWII in service for the Small Ships campaign under the US Army.

His remains have not been returned to Australia, and my mother, a teenaged girl at the time of his death, never had the chance to say goodbye.

Tricia’s work has been able to go someway for my mum to see her dad’s life in some detail. i am grateful to Tricia for bringing George’s life in Australia alive, for a very sad daughter.

Thank you.


Lizzy Smith

Bespoke Research Client

George Kenneth Smith

House History Research Client Testimonials

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 4.50.45 pm
Tricia is fantastic at what she does! Her mind and ability to find out the most wonderful detail is 10/10.
Highly recommended!
Kate Simpson-Scott
House History Client
Thank you Tricia's Tracings for all the energy you put into producing the history of our plain little house. Who would ever have thought!!! What a great idea for a gift or just like us who have always been a little bit we know.
Helen Coutts
House History Client