Family History Detective: Tricia’s Tracings can assist you with all your family and historical research requirements.  I am a qualified historian with over 30 years of genealogy research wisdom.  I specialise in all family history research within Australia and have particular expertise in convict and AIF military records.  My experience in analysing these records refined my proficiency in identifying and tracing elusive individuals.  I also have extensive experience in family history research of English, Scottish and Irish records, tracing ancestral lines to the Early Modern Period of history.

Resulting from many years of family history research, l am knowledgeable of numerous resources and am time efficient at accessing required documents.  As such, the choice to hire me will be cost-effective for you.  I can research your family tree or assist you in breaking down the brick wall in your own family history research.

My ‘Family History Research Project’ presentation includes traditional family tree charts and pedigree reports including ancestor and descendant reports.  I collaborate the research into a personalised family history story, intertwining local historical data with stories and events from your ancestor’s life.  Your family story, charts and reports will be compiled into a presentation folder.  This folder will include printed PDF copies of historical documents and a comprehensive source list.  You will also receive a GEDCOM file of my research, which you can then upload into your own genealogy software program.  Additionally, all research will be copied to a USB drive enabling you to share results with your family members.

My services are ideal for those who want to learn more about their family history but are not able to undertake the research themselves OR for those who need an expert to continue searching for earlier generations of their family.

Please contact me to learn the specifics of what is included in each package.


Family History Research Projects


Single Line Research Project

Family history research of one parental line – one parent and one grandparent (one family surname)
$3,000 for a Printed Presentation.

Approximately five months to completion


Paternal or Maternal Research Project

Family history research of one parent and two grandparents (two family surnames)

$5,500 for a Printed Presentation.

Approximately seven months to completion


Full Family Research Project

Family history research of both parents and four grandparents (four family surnames) 

$10,000 for a Printed Presentation.

Approximately ten months to completion


For those who are mindful of the environmental impact of printing, please contact me to discuss a reduced fee for digital presentations.


Family History Research Projects will be treasured by all in your family.  You may like to consider asking siblings to contribute to the cost of the research project.  You will be sharing the results so perhaps share the cost as well.


All Family History Research projects are presented with a beautifully designed, minimum 50-page social history report, unique to each family line.


It is the journey rather than the destination that will inspire us.

Genealogy Research Projects


Brick Wall Research

Have you hit the dreaded brick wall in your family history research?  Let me help you solve the mystery.  Are you interested in learning more about one famous/infamous person from your family?  I can assist you in developing their story.


Convict Research Project

Cradle-to-grave research of one convict; tracing family background, arrest, transportation, the period under sentence, freedom, post-conviction life to death when possible.


Genealogy Project for DIY Research

You may prefer to conduct your own research but not sure how to start.  I will identify your direct line ancestors so you can research their stories. I will provide you with a pedigree chart, naming your direct line ancestors and record birth, marriage and death data where possible.  I will also provide a list of recommended sources so that you may discover the stories of your ancestors.

$80 per hour 

Something Else?


Your Family is Your Story

Have you conducted family history research and want to share your findings?  Do your relatives get bored with the endless streams of genealogical reports?  Would you prefer to share your research in story format, but are hesitant to put pen to paper? 

I will bring your family history research to life by writing your story.  I will help you develop your list of names to discover when, where and how your ancestors lived, worked and travelled, revealing the triumphs and tragedies that occurred.  I will produce a family history, combining your ancestor’s genealogy with the social, economic and historical events that embraced their lives.

Basic Package (One ancestral line / Surname): From $980 (includes a minimum 18-page story)



Transcription Service

Did you trace your family history by trawling through microfiche at libraries and now have shoeboxes full of documents?  Have you inherited a trove of family stories and artefacts but do not have the time or skills to organise and document this information?  I can organise your family history for posterity by digitising your paper research into a genealogy program.  You and your descendants will be grateful.

$80 per hour




Gift Vouchers

For a unique and personal gift, why not give your loved one the gift of his or her history?

Ideal for someone who wants to learn more about their family history but isn’t able to undertake the research themselves OR for someone who needs an expert to continue researching earlier generations of their family.  Tricia’s Tracings will do the research for your loved one.

Gift vouchers can be sent directly to the recipient or the buyer, so you can hand over personally.

Gift vouchers can be used to redeem any research option as listed above.

Any value above $100


House History Research


Who’s Been Sleeping in Your House?

Are you intrigued to know the history of your house?  When it was built?  Who has owned it?  Who has lived in it?  

Regardless of whether you reside in a heritage-listed mansion or a quaint Californian bungalow, your home will have a unique history.  


From $1,980 (includes a minimum 30-page report plus documents)  

  • Identification and information about the traditional owners of the land
  • Background history of white settlement and ensuing subdivision of the land
  • History of the suburb
  • Historical title search of property owner(s) names
  • (Estimated) Date of Construction
  • Analysis of the architectural style of the house
  • House name (if it had one)
  • A genealogical history of the title owners
  • A genealogical history of the residents
  • Search for old photos of the house, street and suburb
  • Search for old maps of the street and suburb
  • Comprehensive search of newspapers for articles about the house and/or occupants
  • Aerial photos of the house and street displaying the evolution of development

My presentation includes a written story of those who have embraced your property.  The “life” of the building and its residents will be intertwined with a social history.  Accompanying documents will include historical maps and photographs (where possible).  Your report will be supplied digitally (if you would prefer a printed report this will be supplied at an additional charge.)

Historical Research


Bespoke Research Services

Would you like a commissioned history of a significant event, a wartime experience, or research of a district, society or community group?  Do you require a historical background to complete a heritage impact statement?

I offer a complete historical contract research service, providing an in-depth analysis of your desired subject matter.  Research will be compiled and presented in a detailed well-written report.

From $100 per hour.  Please contact me for a fee proposal.  


My Services

I offer a free no-obligation consultation to learn your requirements.  This may be in person, via telephone, Skype or Facetime.  Whilst l reside in the heart of the Victorian goldfields, my client base can easily be Australia-wide, or indeed from any global location.

My project fees are an indication of expected charges.  As all families are unique, so will the research.  Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.  I will cater my research and presentation to your needs.  



I provide various payment options, which include direct deposit, cheque and Paypal.  I also offer payment plans, determined in consultation with you.

* Payment in advance is required for all work.

* I require a 25% deposit to commence Family History Research Projects.  Research will proceed with agreed terms of fortnightly or monthly payments.  The balance must be paid at least two months before the agreed completion date of the project.

* I require a 50% deposit to commence Silver and Gold House History Research Projects.  The balance must be paid at least one month before the agreed completion date of the project.

Please note that Family History Detective: Tricia’s Tracings reserves the right to withhold documents and research until full payment has been received.


NOT Included

* Shipping costs of completed projects
* Specialist documents. e.g. files required under Freedom of Information, Military Service Records, etc.
* Additional Project folders for family members.  Each extra folder will cost $350 to produce.
* Additional Charts for family members.  Extra wall charts will cost $80 to $150 to produce, depending on printing fees.
* Research into European ancestry can be accommodated via colleagues in various European countries.  However, this can be very costly.  Researching a European line may be an extra cost of approximately $1000 to $1250 AUD.  Please contact me to discuss. 


I am committed to providing a quality service. Please note that l am charging you for my time and expenses incurred during research.  Whilst l cannot guarantee that l will discover all details about your ancestors, l do guarantee that l will conduct my time efficiently and effectively.  I will utilise my expertise to source all possible records.  I will document and authenticate all of these sources and trust that you will be satisfied with my endeavours.

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

- George Bernard Shaw

Cancellation Policy:


A paid deposit will be forfeited if you choose to cancel the project prior to the agreed start date.    


If l have commenced your research project, you will be liable for the full agreed amount of the total project cost.  If you decide to cancel the project you will be required to pay any outstanding balance.  I will then provide you with all research material completed to that point including certificates purchased on your behalf.    


If you have paid a deposit and cancel without good reason (for example, if you change your mind), you will lose that deposit to the business.  A fair deposit is usually considered to be 10% of the total cost of service provided unless other factors, such as the potential loss or inconvenience to that business, justify a higher sum.

Please check their website: 


FAMILY HISTORY DETECTIVE: TRICIA’S TRACINGS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.